How can I find spiritual community?


(sorry for terrible english, first, hope you understand something) Im 18 years old from small european country, and my only desire is to seek God, i see absolutely no point in other things. it simply doesnt give me any joy. I really agree with Yogananda that environment is more stronger than will power. there is no any spiritual environment where i live. can someone give me advise where should i go to find what im searching? without proper english and almost no money.

—Tom, Lithuania


Dear Tom,

I also pray that you find others of like mind and I direct your attention to Ananda’s Community and retreat center near Assisi, Italy. There are also meditation groups throughout Europe and Russia, also. I direct you then to Mayadevi Lauer in Italy. You can go to and send a message that way. They have special low-cost programs for younger seekers that can help make a visit more affordable.

Even if you live in a spiritual community, the true “company” is in your heart, your thoughts, speech and action. Learn to chant and talk to God in the language of your heart.