Can Meditating Cause a Sore Throat?


Many thanks and blessings to you. I meditate and have been for the last 7 years. I began to follow an audio: I Am that I Am by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer. Two days ago, after meditating and experiencing a surge of energy I was left with a sore throat.I would like to know the reason for this experience and if it’s ok for me to continue with meditating. I am grateful for your advice.

—Maggie Whittaker, UK


Dear Maggie,

Meditation generally shouldn’t cause a sore throat unless, as a part of whatever meditation you are being guided to do, it includes certain breathing exercises which might irritate your throat. In that case, you might try a little mild olive oil dribbled down the back of your throat while practicing.

Many experiences can and do happen to people who are meditating regularly, as it seems you are doing. They generally just mean that your energy (prana or life force) is purifying you, which is a good thing! But it is also very wise to have a God-realized Guru or true spiritual teacher or teachings to help you with your meditation practices (and offer you good guidance when things like this come up), and not try to go it alone.

As you may know, we follow the meditation techniques of Kriya Yoga as given by Paramhansa Yogananda. Please let us know if you have an interest in learning more about this path.