Can Meditation Help Me Achieve My Aim in Life?


respected guruji, i am jolly anju from shillong.from last 4 yrs i was trying to get kendriya vidyalayas job.but i was not able to get.i want to know that,will meditation help me to achieve my aim of life?last 4 yrs onward i was also involve in deep love with my beloved.but i am not able to stay with a days i feel that everything is done by would you please help me to feel gods grace and fulfill my aim?how spirituality will help me?

—jolly anju, india


Dear Friend,

Yes, indeed, meditation can help in every aspect of your life. But meditation must be united to God’s will and to your own practical and focused efforts. God’s will is for us to overcome delusion and ego identification. God’s power through desire and effort can help us achieve our worldly goals but be prepared for disappointment in either achieving those goals or in failing to achieve.

Seek God first and all these things will be added unto you.

Nayaswami Hriman