Can Satan Hinder My Wish to Meditate?


Dear Friends,

Is it possible for Satan to know what I am thinking? Let’s say am praying, and I pray that I want to do better about something. Perhaps I tell God I want to meditate more. Can Satan then know about this and work against this wish?

Thank you.


—jon, norway


Dear Jon,

Thank you for writing us all the way from Norway! A broader answer to your question would be that it is possible for anyone, including Satan to know what you or anybody else is thinking. After all, we are all one. It would depend on the levels of consciousness involved.

Satan is described by Paramhansa Yogananda as a conscious force in the universe which tends to pull us in a worldly or ego-involved direction. So while we never need fear Satan when we call out to God and Gurus for help, a healthy dose of respect for that sort of power is wise.

Yogananda also tells us that when we place ourselves in the presence of Divine Light by calling on God and the Gurus for help, then the darkness (Satanic force) has no power over us. “Turn on the LIGHT and the darkness will flee as though it had never been there.”

So when you pray, see yourself surrounded by a great aura of Divine Light. Ask for blessings from God and all the Great Ones. You will be protected and guided without fail.

When we strive to meditate more and make real spiritual progress in our lives, we can feel as though there is a ‘force” of some kind making it hard for us to do. So we must make our inner energy and light stronger to counter that force.

One of the most important prayers you can ever pray is to ask that God and Gurus help you with your meditations. It is a prayer which is always answered with a YES! as long as you, yourself, also put out the effort to make it happen.

Finally, please don’t put a lot of thoughts or fearful energy in the direction of Satan. That would tend to draw that negative force closer to you, and you certainly don’t want that! Instead, turn toward the Light, pray, trust, and press forward spiritually; then all will be well.