Can Visualization Change Reality?


Namashkar! How does one visualize that one is in perfect health, abundance and wisdom, as is advised, if in reality one is not?

One might be a child of God, but may lack wisdom, or be born in a poor house with cancer or weak nerves. So how does one take care of it? Can visualization change reality?

—Nina, India



This is an excellent question and one that is often asked. The simple answer is an emphatic, yes! The reality around you, including your own body, constantly conforms to your own visualization of reality.

The more complicated answer is, yes, but in order to change your reality you have to overcome your deep seated commitment to your current, largely subconscious, visualization that is creating your present reality. It can be done, and the sooner you start, the sooner you will see changes in your life. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results.

Your current conviction that is creating your reality has some force, it is not simply a fleeting thought in your mind that is easily replaced by another. Your current convictions have been built up over lifetimes. That’s the bad news. The good news is that your convictions were built up haphazardly, without conscious, strong-willed choice. If you now begin to visualize a new reality for yourself with sincere effort, strong will, and determination you can change in a fraction of the time it took you to get where you are today.

Be patient. Have faith that it will work. Don’t look for miracles. Rejoice in any change to the better no matter how small. Practice affirmations. Meditate. Never give up. Our soul’s true state on earth is healthy, energetic, prosperous, and loving.

Warm regards,
Puru (Joseph) Selbie