Can’t Sleep at Night


Because of my husband’s serious health issue under chemo, which drives my constant thoughts day and night, my sleep cycle is disturbed, and I am not able to sleep even after taking sleep medication. We both are alone in the house. Under my doctor’s permission, I have stopped taking anxiety medicine. My sister-in-law suggested that I ask Ananda. Please help me understand what should I do to get better sleep. I tried to meditate, but it looks like it keeps me awake. Thanks in advance. PLEASE HELP ME.

—Usha, USA


Dear Usha,

We are very sorry to hear of your husband’s serious health issues and your inability to sleep.

First, please ask for healing prayers from our Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry, for yourself and your husband also. See: for instructions on how to do that.

We also strongly suggest that you obtain, read, and practice all that you can, presented in this book which is available from It’s called Yoga Therapy for Overcoming Insomnia by Dr. Peter Van Houten. Dr. Van Houten is an Ananda Minister/teacher/yogi and also a well-known medical doctor.