Centering During the Highs and the Lows


Meditation leaves me wonderfully lighthearted but some times during the day I also feel angry thoughts. I am diabetic and this usually happens during high sugar times. Negativity charges like a bull at me.

Please advise.


—Nimma, Usa


Dear Nimma,

Meditation does not change the outward circumstances of our life but it can profoundly change our reactions to those circumstances. As meditation becomes a regular part of one’s life one becomes more centered. The highs of our lives don’t pull us so far out of our calm self that the only possible outcome is to come crashing down from that high. The lows of our lives don’t pull us so far out of our calm self that we lose all perspective.

Staying in our calm self may initially sound kind of boring! But I can assure you it is not. Staying centered allows one to appreciate all the good things without becoming over excited. Staying centered also allows one to weather the (inevitable) bad patches without becoming depressed. Instead, one lives with steady heartfelt joy.

I think in time, if you stay committed to finding the calm stillness within yourself through regular meditation, that your angry thoughts will become less pronounced, that you will not identify with them as much, and simply let them pass through, so to speak, until they eventually cease. You may also find that meditation will help you physiologically as well. You may find that your high sugar times become less intense or less frequent.

Warm regards,
Puru (Joseph) Selbie