Chakras alignment


How important is the alignment of chakras in the person's spiritual progress? I was not able to meditate for a longer duration, and my guru suggest me to took kirlian photo scan. In the report the chakras seems to be inclined more towards physical space. Please advice.

—Vijay, India


Dear Vijay,

The proper alignment of the chakras is not really the most important way to help deepen your meditations and your spiritual life.

Much more important is the purification or clearing out of old karma, tendencies, habits, etc., which are stored in the chakras.

These are the things which clog up the spiritual energy-system and keep the prana or life-force from flowing freely through its proper channels. Instead of flowing inward and upward (in the direction of our final liberation), it is diverted downward or outward into the world in the form of desires or negative attitudes.

There are many ways of “clearing” the chakras, but the most effective way, according to Paramhansa Yogananda, is through the techniques of Kriya Yoga.

There is much to be said about the chakras and how they work. Perhaps you would like to read more about it in my book on the subject: Chakras for Starters.