Chakras Vibrating


Sometimes early in the morning as I am waking up and am very still in my bed I feel my chakras vibrating. Usually it’s my heart, throat, medulla, and third eye. Why is that happening? I thought it was a by product of energizing, but I don’t really know.

—Mary, usa


Dear Mary,

When you begin to meditate regularly and practice the Energization Exercises — as you have mentioned — many interesting things can begin to happen to you.

What you have described is not all that uncommon, and certainly nothing to be afraid of. In fact it is a good sign that your prana (energy or life-force) is beginning to flow more freely within your astral body, in an inward and upward pattern, thus awakening and purifying your chakra system.

If you want to know a litte more about the chakras and how they work, you might want to read my book, Chakras for Starters. We also have an excellent on-line class series on the chakras.