Changing Karma Through Right Action


What is it that life is teaching you when you get married to a petty minded, abusive family and you grow old in that same atmosphere thinking that your husband, etc. will get better in time, when the whole life of the couple is spent in an abusive, non supportive environment with constant fights. Your will power, self-respect is sapped and your children grow fearful, lacking parental love and confidence in such an environment. What lesson is that kind of life trying to teach them?

—Anonymous, India


This very question shows your willingness to look at the bigger picture of why things are the way they are for each of us.

The law of karma has brought this situation to the fore. It is the direct consequence of patterns each individual has set in motion over lifetimes. While it is difficult to accept that we would attract such a circumstance, when we do accept it, we can put in motion the quality of action that will bring about change.

Try to enlist the help of those who are in a position to help you or get you help. Do what you can to try to heal the situation to everyone’s benefit. However, if this cannot be done and especially if you and your children are not safe, take the necessary steps you need to ensure safety for all.

Above all, pray deeply to God that he guide you, give you strength, protect you and your family, and lead you on the path of harmony within and without. I sincerely hope that you find solutions and healing.

In Divine Friendship,
Nayaswami Maria