Choosing the Right Spiritual Path


How will I come to know that spiritual path I am following is right? I am meditating for the last 6-7 months , initially I had experiences, but now they have slowed down. I feel much drowsy and feel continuous heaviness for hours in my brain as it is being squeezed or expanded .

—Seema Chopra, India


Dear Seema Chopra,

Since I don’t know what meditation technique you are practicing, I can respond only in a general way.

The practice of true meditation should help one experience peace, joy, and uplifted state of consciousness and energy.

What you are experiencing now in meditation is just the opposite. Therefore, I recommend that you stop this practice for now.

In our tradition, when we meditate, we fix our gaze at the center of higher consciousness and joy, the prefrontal lobe of the brain, the agya chakra, at the point between the eyebrows, to direct the flow of energy to that center.

Here is a link to the Ananda Meditation practice that you can try and see how you feel afterwards:

To know if the spiritual path that you follow is the right one for you, check if you feel joy and rightness in your heart. Ask yourself if the path that you chose is helping you grow and become the best person that you can be, and helping you also make wise decisions in your life, that lead to peace and harmony.

I hope that this will help,

Nayswami Diksha