Clarifying the Meaning of Nishkam Karma


I’ve just started to practice nishkam karma as much as I can, though it can be very difficult at times. The reason is there are some genuine interests of mine such as pursuing a job in some science subject and also a lifelong interest in it. But when doing nishkam karma, is it wrong to pursue such selfish interests? Is it wrong to work hard to go for a career in it? I’m confused how to maintain nishkam karma along with these interests or is it even right to. Please explain. Thank you!

—Kailash, India


Dear Kailash,

Nishkam karma simply means not being attached to the results of your actions. It is your God-given right and duty to pursue a livelihood in a field that interests you. Pursue an honest and industrious life filled with God’s presence in your heart and consciousness as the doer performing all actions through you.

Let the results of your efforts unfold as they will and give God the credit when something works out well and even the blame when perhaps it doesn’t. This is an opportunity for you to grow spiritually with a constant dialogue between you and Divine Mother. Become aware of Her guidance in all that you do and you will gradually succeed in the most important endeavor we can ever pursue, Oneness with our Divine Self.

In Divine Friendship,