Clarifying Yogananda’s teachings on healing


As Sadhguru said not to do healing to anybody because it only heals symptoms/surface of the disease but not the root cause of the disease. He says the energy, which created the disease, is not healed. But what about the healing practices offered by Shivyog. Healing of shivyog, which works on the root cause of the disease. It heals/works on all the five bodies of the person.

—Unknown, India


Dear Friend, When you mention “Sadhguru,” if you are speaking of Paramhansa Yogananda, I think you have slightly misunderstood this statement about healing.

Yes, he did say that the root cause of disease is ignorance of who and what we really are (we are made perfectly, in God’s image and a part of God and all that is). When you fully realize that fact through meditation and attunement to your Guru, then no disease or injury can touch you.

Yogananda also explained that disease (or any sort of disharmony within us) is also caused by the flows of life-force (prana) being impeded. He created and taught the incredible Energization Exercises to help us to increase the flows of energy (prana, life-force) in the body and to teach us that we are made of energy and light. He strongly suggested using the principles of energy and Energization for healing anything, which might need healing.

So much of Yogananda’s teachings are on the subject of healing of body, mind, and spirit, including right diet, right life-styles, emotional healing, heliotropic healing exercises, increased daily meditations, Kriya Yoga meditation techniques, and so on. He offers a vast amount of valuable information about healing techniques, both for healing ourselves and for sending healing energy to others also.

I’m not familiar with the path of Shivyog, which you mention. I did look it up online, and from what I could see in a quick perusal, it seems like it offers solid yogic teachings. Nevertheless, as Yogananda’s guru, Swami Sri Yukteswar says: “Why make comparisons (among spiritual paths). This is the path, which has been given to us by God!”

I would suggest that you find a path, which works for you, and do not waste your time bouncing around from path to path, wondering if another is better in some way.

Yogananda spoke of his path of “Self-Realization” in this way: “This is a good path, blessed by God! Follow it to the end and I and the great Masters of this path will guide you all the way. Follow it faithfully, and if it turns out that it is not your path, then I will lead you to your perfect path.” That is definitely a win-win situation!