Clear Away the Mental Clutter


I have been trying to meditate I have so much clutter I can’t clear away

—Nancy Smith, USA


Dear Nancy,

Well, don’t we all? It’s tempting to think that, in order to meditate, you need to clear the clutter away. There’s logic to that, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work. At best it creates a temporary vacuum that quickly gets filled with pretty much the same clutter.

Instead, you need to bring into your meditation efforts something more attractive than the clutter, something that can lift you above the level of clutter. Make God that “something.” Meditate with God as your partner. Ask Him/Her to guide you, to show you how to reach for a higher octave or your own being. Cultivate your devotion to God, because that will lift you above the clutter, into the light.

Blessings on your efforts,