Cloning and the Soul



I had a question related to animal and human cloning. Since Master has said that a soul enters during a flash of light when male and female cells unite. But cloning involves asexual replication of a donor cell without another counterpart to be united. This has been making me curious now and then. Though i don't crave for an answer but just curious about it.

—Vinay, india



It is an interesting question and one that, to my knowledge, no self-realized spiritual teacher (such as Yogananda) has ever answered or addressed.

I am willing to speculate on an answer, but be clear that it is only my speculation.

Assuming for the moment that a human body could be successfully cloned, for it to be successful I think there would have to be a “soul” whose life force and consciousness bring the body to life. Otherwise the clone would be essentially in a coma.

As I understand it, souls are attracted to the life circumstances, the opportunities and lessons that can be learned while in any particular incarnation. Compatible souls incarnate into compatible circumstances.

So we’d need to ask, what soul would be compatible to the life opportunity offered by being a clone? The life opportunities of the clone might be grim and limited (confined to a laboratory, clinically examined, and unloved) or, conceivably, the life opportunities of the clone might be similar to normal human experience (placed in a family, accepted, and loved). If the former, the soul attracted might be very close to an animal soul, one whose development is still very basic. If the latter, the soul attracted may be more evolved.

My two cents :).

Warm regards,
Joseph (Puru) Selbie