Colors in meditation


During meditation I am able to see some colour, specially lemony yellow and sky blue colours, coming on to my face from the upper part of my forehead. After sometime these colors disappear and I get sweat lightly. May I know why this is happening.

—manohar reddy, india


Dear Manohar,

It is not unusual to have these types of experiences in meditation. It indicates that you are going deeper within.

These colours are most likely a variant of the colours of the spiritual eye, which can be seen in meditation at the point between the eyes.

When this light of the spiritual eye is seen perfectly, it takes the form of a five-pointed star set in a field of deep blue or violet light, and circled by a shining ring of gold. In a state of ecstasy, the consciousness penetrates the spiritual eye and enters the inner realms.

When you are able to relax with ever deepening concentration then experiences such as this may come to you. However, it’s wise not to get caught in the “phenomena” of the spiritual path. Receive whatever experiences that come to you as a gift from the Divine. Then offer yourself more completely into the Divine expanded consciousness.

In divine friendship,