Common challenges with Meditation


When I started meditation, I had some calm feeling, but now after one month I can barely sit and meditate. I cannot concentrate more than a minute. Why is this happening? Does everyone struggle at first? Also i have become lazy. Please help.

—Raman, India


Dear Raman,

Paramhansa Yogananda said in his lessons, “The soul loves to meditate, for in contact with the Spirit lies its greatest joy. If, then, you experience mental resistance during meditation, remember that reluctance to meditate comes from the ego; it doesn’t belong to the soul.” “The devotee who makes the supreme effort is the one who finds God.

The best way to overcome your “laziness” is to make a daily habit of meditating in the morning and at night. The habit of meditation needs to become a part of your day you wouldn’t do without, similar to eating, sleeping and bathing. At first it may be helpful to commit to meditating 5 minutes twice a day. Pray to God and guru, asking them to help you to love them and commune with them ever more perfectly.

Learn the meditation techniques taught by Paramhansa Yogananda and meditate with others practicing the techniques as often as possible to enhance the habit of meditating together.

We all go through dry periods and more uplifting times with meditation. You will succeed if you simply stay the course and don’t give up!