Concentrating at the Spiritual Eye


I have just started the first lessons of the Ananda course. After I transition from Hong-Sau to regular meditation, is my main focus just to keep my mind clear and focus on the third eye? Or do I visualize anything else while I'm doing it? My experience right now is I get a tingling feeling between my eyebrows and for some reason it tingles down the top of my nose. Is that normal? Thank you very much for your time.

—John Shelton, United States (Nashville,TN)


Dear John,

Many sensations will come to you throughout your meditation practices. You will need to discern if any of them are helpful or if they are distracting — taking you off track. Some see wonderful lights, for example, and get lost in that. It may be fun for awhile but do realize you will need to keep to your goal. Bring your mind back to that point between the eyebrows, the spiritual eye, and call to your guru to assist you in your next step.

You can spend time looking into the spiritual eye at the end of Hong Sau. You can also do Hong Sau in the spine, watching the flow of energy up and down the spine. You can focus on the heart chakra at the end of Hong Sau and see your heart opening with love for all. Focus in all of these practices on the Divine energy flowing through you to others. Bless you in your practices.

Joy to you, Seva