Conquering Fear and Troubles


I am very feared about my safety on seeing several news I want to know why this all happens I want to know why god is giving troubles to us every day I fear for my life what is the answer to all my problems

—kesavakumaran, india


God gives us troubles so we may grow strong and become fearless warriors each day on the battlefield of life. The Bhagavad Gita is a great scripture for us to learn how to meet life’s challenges and be victorious in overcoming them. I recommend you order Paramhansa Yogananda’s version from Crystal Clarity Publishers.

The news and our politicians seem to emphasize all the things we “should be afraid of” in the world. My advice is not to watch the news or listen to it unless there is something extremely important to know. The news is not a reliable source for what is actually true. For example, headlines are often exaggerated or erroneous just to get people to buy the paper.

Studies show that watching just 5 minutes of the news in the morning can decrease one’s happiness for the rest of the day. Go on a news fast! You’ll be much happier!

May you take heart in knowing this world is not our true home. It is only a place to learn and grow spiritually that we may return to our true home of Divine Bliss. Take this opportunity to make the most of your life and follow the teachings of Krishna and the other great masters who have all come at various times to show us our true purpose in life and how to succeed in it.

In Divine Love and Friendship.