Correct Practice of the Energization Exercises



I am feeling some stiffness in parts of the body ( like in the elbow joints ) after some months of daily Yogoda practise (Energization Exercises). Could this be a sign that I am doing them correctly and am drawing energy into my body in the way described.

Are there any things to watch out for, some markers of improvement etc.

Also it says that it should take 15-20 mins to do the whole 39 steps but at the moment that seems impossible unless I was rushing them and not catching my breath in between.

Thanks as usual


—Cyril, ireland


Dear Cyril,

The stiffness could perhaps be a result of the energy moving through your body, especially through body parts such as your joints that haven’t been actively engaged.

In time, the Energization Exercises should help to ease any physical stiffness.

As you continue your practice of these exercises be sure to refine them, so you are able to tune into more of the flow of energy rather than just the physical result. And remember to “tense with will and relax and feel” – both parts are equally important.

Your description of how you are doing the exercises is fine if you are still in the learning stage. It’s important as you learn the exercises to really feel the energy and not just go thorough the body movements.

But there is also a challenge involved in doing them too slowly: it will put the focus more on the body parts than on the flow of energy. So there’s a balance to be achieved that will give you the most effective experience.

As you get more familiar with the exercises, try tensing to a count of 1 to 3 (low, medium, high), then vibrate for a count of 1 to 2, then relax for a count of 1 to 3 (high, medium, low). As you do the exercises, first concentrate on the center of the body part(s) that you are tensing and relaxing. Then, as you are able to go deeper, your concentration should be more on the flow of the energy. You’ll soon find that 15 minutes is plenty of time and that you won’t feel rushed doing them.

In divine friendship,
Nayaswami Pranaba