Correct Translation of The Holy Science


Jai Gurudev.

In Holy Science book, based on my limited knowledge on Sanskrit, the English translation (not the commentary) seems a bit off from the original in few places. e.g., Ch1 Sutra 15/16. Wondering who wrote the translation? Was it done during Sri Paramhansa Yogananda's time? or later? Are there any alternative translations or detailed commentary available for this concise but intense book?

—D. L. Sivakumar, USA


Dear Friend,

A publisher’s note indicates that the English translation of the slokas which appear at the beginning of each section were translated by the publisher (Self-Realization Fellowship).

From my knowledge and after some inquiries by me regarding the question, it appears that the book was written by the author in English. There was a French-language edition (never published I believe) and it appeared in serial form before its publication in English in 1920 or 1922, approx.

If you would like to address this may I suggest you write to Self-Realization Fellowship ( in Los Angeles, California.