Cosmic Consciousness



When one attains nirbikalpa samadhi, it is said they then realize their oneness with God and drop their individual egos. My question is: When thousands all over the world tune into Yogananda and the other masters, can they be with every one of them simultaneously? Are their personalities still intact or are they more of a "force of God" at that point? It seems contradictory to be an individual and yet be omnipresent.



Yes, dear Friend. When a soul achieves cosmic consciousness this is to achieve oneness with Infinity. Just as every atom of creation is a manifestation of God’s dream and vibration, so a liberated master can be in contact with as many devotees who seek him simultaneously.

Of course, bear in mind that assuming all those devotees have not yet achieved Oneness, their capacity to tune into the Master is probably very limited. But the vibration of the master is not limited by time and space.

Yes, that’s hard for us to understand, but because I do not yet fully understand Einstein’s Theory of Relativity doesn’t make it less real.

God is omnipresent in all creation, we are told. A soul, a true son of God, who is One with the Father is therefore also capable of being omnipresent according to the will of the Father.

Such a soul does not possess a personality in the way that we do and thus isn’t limited in that same way. When incarnate in a physical form, the world of maya imposes certain things so, for example, Yogananda, born in India, grows up and enjoys curries and mangoes, and speaks Bengali. Those are circumstantial but not essential aspects of his “personality.”

At the same time even in a body he could enter samadhi at will (which means as the divine within him invites him to do so). Just as we are both human and divine, although generally alternatingly, so too, a master can appear in vision or even physical form when summoned by the pure devotion of a disciple.

I hope this can bring to you some comfort and clarity.

Nayaswami Hriman