My Partner Is on a Different Spiritual Path



How important is it for one’s life partner to follow the same spiritual practice and tradition? My partner is a Taoist and does not do any formal meditation practice on a regular basis but he respects my practice.

—Amala, USA


Dear Amala,

In general and based on my own experience in counseling couples or individual partners, I would say that you are fortunate to have a partner who respects your meditation practice. Taoist precepts, as I understand them, are very open and respectful in general and so I would congratulate you on having at least a degree of compatibility and especially having his respect for your spiritual practices!

As to its importance, in general, that varies greatly between partners but I have seen some couples with very different spiritual interests able to maturely support and respect each other’s choices, while some couples on the same path ended up being competitive and critical.

I must also admit that sharing one’s spiritual path is, at least potentially, a great blessing. Keep in mind, always, however, that the path leads to the goal and when the goal is achieved the path is no longer needed. Thus, if your meditation practice and devotions help you to become calmer and kinder and more understanding, that, and that alone, is your bridge to your partner (or anyone) and is your active expression of your spirituality. Your practices and beliefs are but tools toward raising your consciousness.

Therefore try to avoid confusing the path (your practices and beliefs) with your spirituality because to do so can create a wall of difference between you. If his Taoist beliefs and practices help him to be kinder and more thoughtful, then that is his spiritual bridge and gift to you.

Blessings and joy,

Nayaswami Hriman