Could My Crown Chakra Be Missing?


My crown chakra is missing. All the other ones are there and I can communicate with them but the top of my head feels empty of any a missing arm. where is it?

—sus, usa


Dear Sus,

Your crown chakra cannot be missing! You, like all living human beings, have all seven chakras, or you wouldn’t be alive; therefore, don’t be concerned if you are not sensitive, at this point, to the crown chakra’s presence. Continue to work with the first six, and eventually you will definitely become aware of the seventh.

It is best always to focus primarily on the 6th chakra’s aspect of the point between the eyebrows (the spiritual eye). Draw all your attention to that point, especially when you are meditating, but also as often as you can remember to do throughout your daily life.

It’s wonderful to hear that you can communicate with your first six chakras—keep it up!

The most powerful of all ways to awaken and purify your whole chakra system is through Paramhansa Yogananda’s path and techniques of Kriya Yoga. If you are not familiar with Kriya Yoga, we would be happy to help you learn it.

If you’d like to learn more about Yogananda’s teachings, specifically about the chakras, I made a short video called “Yoga to Awaken the Chakras.” Also, there is more information on the chakras at my website:

Blessings and joy to you always!