Dealing with an angry friend


Dear Sir/Madam,


Can we make up with our friend who is angry with us from a distance without ant physical contact with the person. If Yes , How?

—dimple, india


Dear Dimple,

The first thing for you to do is to check you heart and mind to be sure that you are not angry with your friend in any way yourself.

And then instrospect carefully and honestly to be sure you have not done anything to justify your friend’s anger.

If you have done something wrong, then apologize and say that you’d like to move forward from this point and not lose his or her friendship.

If you feel have not done anything wrong (even in thought), then ask your friend to explain to you why the anger needs to continue.

Then you can try to see what can be done through prayer and/or discussion by letter or e-mail, to help the anger to dissipate.

True friendship covers all distances, so whether you ever see or talk to this person, face-to-face, is beside the point. It is a heart to heart matter.

If your friend choses to remain angry, then it is his or her problem, not yours. You should simply stay centered and calm.

And you should pray that he or she will be able to overcome the emotional sickness of anger as soon as possible, for anger is very harmful, especially to the one holding on to the anger.

No matter what happens, in your heart continue to hold out the hand of true, divine friendship.