Death and Dying


My Father, a very religious soul and a renowned astrologer Suddenly passed away on 8th Nov'10,due to a cardiac arrest.We didn't get chance to have a word with him as it was a matter of not more than 10 seconds before our eyes.His departure was painless and very peacful for sure ,but his sudden demise is troubling me a lot.He was very lovable person , was healthy only 73 and a yogi since 1952 and a regular reader of Srimadbhagwat Gita since 1954.Why he left so early? Could V save him?

—Aditya Bhargava, India


Dear Friend,

I am sorry to hear of the death of your father. He must be a wise and devoted soul.

We cannot easily see the threads of cause and effect (“karma”) that influences the lives of all men. Our choice in life is not so much to change what we cannot control but to choose our response to the events and circumstances of our lives.

Krishna and other great rishis assure and comfort us in saying that we, as the immortal Atman, are changeless and eternal: beyond all suffering.

Rest in the thought that your father lives on, clothed now in garments of light and of soul-joy.

You need not attempt to deny or suppress the sorrow you may feel, but understand that the sorrow is mostly yours, for his soul now knows God’s peace.

Send to your father your heart’s love and best wishes. Try not to hold him back by way of attachment but rejoice with him his re-birth onto the astral plane.

He may come to you in a dream or passing moment to comfort you and assure you that he is well and at peace.

Life is a flowing river that moves on and waits for no one. Even as you accept life’s unending change, affirm within yourself the changeless reality of your soul’s true joy.