Detached From the Body in Meditation



I usually meditate for 15 minutes, and while focusing on the Christ center for some time, I don’t feel my body anymore, as if I’m detached.

It feels as if I’m floating on water and there’s occasional waves moving my body away. It’s a bit like falling asleep, even though I’m sitting with my back straight to avoid that.

I wanted to ask if this means that I’m making progress or doing something wrong.

Thank you in advance,

chris basha

—Chris Basha, United Kingdom


Dear Chris,

In meditation, we are trying to go beyond body consciousness and be completely absorbed in one of the divine qualities of God: peace, calmness, love, joy, power, sound, light, wisdom.

Your concentration has to be deep to be able to detach from your body. It is a sign of deep internalization.

The sensation of the waves might not last, so don’t get attached to it.

Blessings on your practice,

Nayaswami Diksha