Dharma in Career


Namaste!My question is how does one find their soul purpose according to the life plan?I have heard that earning money through such means automatically brings both abundance and joy.What is the best method for one to get clarity to choose the right career which is our soul calling so as to attain both satisfaction and prosperity?

Thank you,


—Vani, India


Vani, our true life’s purpose is to know God: to know the truth of who and what we are: a soul having a human experience in a human body; a child of God; a spark of the infinite Spirit.

Therefore the details of what we do in life are not as important as we tend to think they are. However, what IS important is that what we do in life should expand our consciousness beyond the ego and towards divine love and joy.

Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita teaches the universal precept of non-attachment: nishkam karma. This is taking action in the world (as our bodies and necessity demands) but remaining unattached to success, failure or the opinions of others.

Now, as divine sparks, we have every potential to be successful and prosperous but not the for sake of ego acclaim or pleasure or riches but because we too have the power of God; the power of the universe contained within us.

But NEVER judge yourself or others as being spiritual on the sole basis of material success!!!!! The law works in the one direction but not the other direction.

A great saint might live in poverty or ill health, yet be enjoying the prosperity of divine bliss: perhaps healing and helping many others.

And finally, if you feel joy and fulfillment from pursuing material success, then at least offer that joy and intention, and that success back to He from whom it comes and to He who is the DOER of all action.

Your intention and enjoyment of success should be shared with those less fortunate and should be dedicated (in part, as appropriate) to serving God’s work on this earth.

Never keep or claim the fruits of your labor as your own. God alone is the only truth; the reality behind all seeming; behind all diverse appearances. Success, failure, rich, poor, health, disease, life and death: these roles are played by God through the lila of creation.

Do not be fooled, then, by the real purpose of your life: to find (and share) God. God alone.

Blessings and light upon all that you do!

Nayaswami Hriman