Do my dreams have meaning?


I am a spiritual aspirant initiated to Kriya by YSS India. I have a doubt, that whether dreams have meaning. I have been blessed to have Gurudeva Yoganandaji in my dreams three or four times. Once he appeared and seemed to say 'Let's go for a walk'. Once I saw with Ramana Maharshi. I have felt deep love and gratitude on account of these dreams. But does this have any significance in my sadhana?

—Asha, India


Dear Asha,

Thank you for you question about dreams. Dreams are fascinating to almost everyone for a very good reason.

Yogananda says that the primary reason we dream is to help us understand that all of life is a dream, from which we gradually awaken through meditation, to the full knowledge of who and what we really are — one with God and one with all that is.

Someday we will experience that same feeling of awakening from a dream that we were convinced was real while it was going on, by waking up and saying: “Oh, it seemed so real but it was only a dream.” That’s the dream nature of the universe that Yogananda speaks of so often.

Most nightly dreams, Yogananda tells us, come from our subconscious minds, from our memories from this or other lifetimes woven together to entertain or instruct us. But from time to time, and especially as we begin to advance spiritually, we may begin to have what he calls “superconscious dreams or visions” instead. They are sent to us by God and are indeed a great blessing.

So I would say that your dreams of meeting your Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda or of seeing Ramana Maharshi definitely fall into the category of superconscious dreams, coming to you to bless you and let you know you are heading in the right direction in your sadhana. Be very grateful for these blessings! They don’t happen to everyone.