Do We Need Physical Contact with the Guru?


Hi, this question bothers me even though it has been answered in a couple different ways. I just read in Journey to SR, p. 16, pg. 3, Master says, “...the guru transmits to you the light of God that flows through him....He gave me by his touch what I could not attain by the power and effort of my meditations alone.”

Master doesn’t address devotees who come after his body dies. What are our chances of being graced this powerfully? I feel hopeless, to ever be in delusion w/out this help.

—Marie Altman, U.S.


Do not despair, Marie! Swami Kriyananda often spoke of how we need at least one physical contact with the guru in order to attain the spiritual heights. He also noted that, even while in the body, Paramhansa Yogananda often had other ministers give that touch.

Swami explained that, to reach the heights we must indeed receive a physical touch from the guru. But that touch doesn’t have to come from the guru’s living physical body. It can come through the living physical body of a disciple who is in tune with the guru.

In that way, the lineage — and the process of Self-realization for disciples — continues long after the guru has left the body.