Does Energization Cause a Loss of Appetite?


Does regular practice of the energization exercises result in the decrease of appetite? Is the energy received or felt during energization similar to the energy obtained through food? Recently my appetite has decreased "a lot" but my health is still good. Should I force myself to eat a little more or just go with the flow? I am perfectly fine by the grace of gurus and god. AUM...

—dimon, Nepal


The energization exercises help us to tap into the source of life force and provides us with the ability to channel and direct it. It is possible that doing them has sensitized you to this reality and that you feel sustenance from this. Because your overall bodily system and function have come into greater harmony from the energization exercises, one could say that it is seeking a new sense of balance. Sometimes this is enough for one to change eating habits and patterns.

Keep observing your overall state of health while maintaining a balanced and natural approach. Paramhansa Yogananda referred to the perfect diet as “propereatarianism.” He also said, “Keep the body fit for God-realization.”

May you feel the Divine Energy always flowing through you.

Joy to You,
Nayaswami Maria