Does Every Desire Need to Be Satisfied?


I am 19 and lust has been my problem for many years. This delusion is strong in me. But I also have a strong desire for God and want to be a Brahmachari seriously. Recently I made a renewed effort to get rid of lust. But Master said every desire must be fulfiled before finding God. Does that mean the desire for sex that I had in the past wud need to b fulfiled and my attempt to become a Brahamachari and celibate wud be futile as the sex desire would subconsciously defeat all my spiritul efforts?

—Rahul, India


Hello Rahul,

Every desire does need to be worked out in some way, but satisfying it outwardly is only one way. If we had to satisfy them all in that way, we would never get to God.

Yoganandaji was simply saying that we need to release thevortices of energy (created by our desires). As we grow spiritually, and as we meditate deeply, more and more of those vortices are being released, usually without our awareness that it’s happening.

So don’t be discouraged if you have contrary desires. Just don’t feed them (e.g., by satisfying them outwardly, or even dwelling on them mentally) , and keep focusing on lifting your energy in the spine. As Master said, “Desires, ever fed, never satisfied, but never fed, ever satisfied.”

Focus on your strengths and sincerity, and don’t let fear or hopelessness get a grip on you.