Does God Really Forgive?


It is said that God is forgiving and forgives us even if we err several times. I don’t think so. For every bad karma, we get bad result. If we do something bad intentionally or unintentionally, we suffer the consequences even if we have remorse. That is karma, isn’t it? So where does the question of forgiveness arise?

—Bina, USA


Dear Bina,

Yes, karma is unerring. For every action there is an exact and precise reaction. However, above that law there is another: the law of love. God’s love permeates everything and everyone. It permeates all creation, as Yogananda said, “like the oil permeates the olive.”

If we establish a sincere relationship of love with God, His grace becomes active, and that grace can free us from karma. Grace is higher than karma. Swami Kriyananda writes: “For God’s grace is supreme. Loving dependence on Him can free one from even the direst karmic retributions.” In that way forgiveness is experienced.

Yogananda explains it this way: “Remember, Divine Mother always forgives you… Never doubt that God’s forgiveness is greater than your sins.”

Another important point: a true Guru is a channel for God’s forgiveness. He can take your karma on his own shoulders. But once again, the condition for such divine forgiveness is LOVE.

May you experience it on you, jayadev