Does Swami Kriyananda Take Disciples?


Does Swami Kriyananda take disciples and do they get to travel around with him?

—Paige , USA


Dear Paige,

I have seen devotees who wanted to become Swami Kriyananada’s disciples. But he has always answered: “I am not the guru. You are all Yogananda’s disciples.” He has never claimed to be perfect, or perfectly enlightened. He simply is a highly advanced soul, a teacher, an inspiration, an example for many of us. Mostly I think he feels himself to be a divine friend and guide. We ask him questions and look at him as a true example of discipleship.

In India he actually would be called a “guru,” as they understand the word “guru” to mean teacher, which Swami Kriyananda is. There, he simply wouldn’t be a “Sat-Guru,” one whose is one with God, who has no trace of ego left. But here in the West he simply is a (very good) “teacher,” not the “Guru.”

Yes, some Ananda residers travel around with him, to support him. This support has increased over the years, as he is now in his 80’s, still touring across the continents, lecturing, writing, answering letters, counseling, giving radio and TV interviews, serving his great Guru Yogananda with all his remaining energy. In order to do that he needs support and many of us feel that Swami Kriyananda deserves all our possible help, because all his life, untiringly, he has given his full love and support to us.

In friendship, jayadev