I Don’t Believe in God


I’m a 15 years old boy & I’m not happy with my life and my life is full of fears. I do not believe In GOD and I’m not interested in doing any prayers. I know about Kundalini Energy and chakras I’m interested in balancing them to have a better life but I’m afraid that I might see devil ghosts and spirits also I have heard chakras should be activated to move on to spiritual path. I have heard that Kundalini should be activated in in a healthy mind and body which I think I do not have.

—Adit, India


Dear Adit,

At 15, your perceptions about God and other big questions like “…why we are here and what is life for?” are still forming and being answered by your life’s experiences. Just continue to have an open mind, and you’ll find your way. Consider yourself to be a sincere seeker of truth— that’s an excellent state of mind to develop, and it will help you to overcome your fears and be much happier overall.

And as for not believing in God, that’s OK too! The truth is that it doesn’t matter at all what we believe or don’t believe. What matters is what is true and what we experience personally and inwardly, and not from being told what to believe by someone else or a book or whatever. Eventually everyone finds out, through life experiences, what is true for themselves. But as I have said, this will happen more quickly if you remain open-minded and keep searching for spiritual truths!

We are glad to hear of your interest in the subjects of chakras and kundalini, and yes, it is very helpful to activated them in order to make spiritual progress. If this is done in the right way, there is absolutely nothing to fear (such as devils, ghosts, or spirits). It doesn’t matter what your health is like—in fact, generally speaking, learning about these subjects may help your health to become much better! You might be interested in our online course called “Understanding the Chakras.” Learn more about it here.