Dwapara Yuga versus Kali Yuga


Hi, I'm researching the Dwapara vs Kali Yuga confusion after having read The Holy Science. Any suggestions of where I can find out more about this subject? Any clear articles about it? I found an answer to a similar question on this website that had a link that's now dead:


so was unable to find out more.

Your time and expertise is much appreciated.


—Dominic McKay, Australia


Dear Dominic,

Thank you for your question: the yugas are a fascinating topic!

You might be interested in Swami Kriyananda’s recent book, Religion in the New Age. The first chapters go in detail into dwapara versus kali yuga. Here is the book’s introduction.

I’m sorry that link didn’t work for you. It referenced articles from Clarity Magazine, which has several articles on dwapara yuga, including:

The above articles are excerpts from the forthcoming book, The Yugas: Keys to Understanding Man’s Hidden Past, Emerging Present, and Future Enlightenment by Joseph Puru Selbie and Byasa Steinmetz.

Also, on the Clarity Magazine site, you may want to search for “dwapara”.

And you might be interested in Lost Star of Myth and Time by Walter Cruttenden.

I hope that helps. Good luck with your research!