Dynamic Service


I occasionally find myself having quite a bit of free time.

Apart from meditations, & feeling the presence of God (Both of which I do), is there any other spiritual activity that I might do ?

—Som, iNDIA



Yogananda spoke inspiringly and often about the importance of dynamic service – energetically and freely serving others.

He said that in order to achieve the “actionless state” one needs to become “intensely active for God.” Outward service to others is purifying and energizing. Purifying because it takes one’s mind off of one’s own needs and issues and expands your heart to include other’s needs, and energizing because one becomes a channel for Divine energy if one gives oneself fully into the spirit of service.

One’s service can take many forms. The important thing is not the form but the consciousness of doing something purely for God, with God, and seeing God in the people or activities that are part of your service.

It can be helpful to practice japa – the silent repetiton of a mantra or a devotional chant – while you serve in order to keep your heart with God.

Warm regards,
Puru Joseph Selbie