Eight is Great


Which is the best day for a long meditation before Christmas?

In Master

—Pavlina, Bulgaria


Dear One,

You ask a very good question. At Ananda Village we meditate two days before Christmas – the day on which Master had his centers and meditation groups hold the eight-hour meditation.

If you can meditate on that day, December 23rd, you may be able to tap into the magnetism of the different group meditations across the globe.

But, I know there are also meditation groups meditating for eight hours on other days.

All this is to say, the day for a long meditation is not cast in stone. Know that the depth of your meditation is much more important than the day you choose to meditate. Choose a day where you know you can spend as much time as possible in deep meditation. From my understanding, length of time in meditation is good; “length of depth” in meditation is better.

The ego likes to feel proud of itself for the length of time spent in meditation, but the soul loves to feel depth in meditation. Starting today, make a promise to your Self that you will focus on diving deep in meditation. If your karma is such, you may be able to dive deeper in meditation than ever before, and you’ll find yourself doing so effortlessly.

Guru’s grace will flow through you like a river. In that flow the mind and body cooperate in lifting your consciousness to heights and depths of peace, joy and calmness like never before.

So, on whatever day you find yourself performing the eight hour meditation, remember to pray for depth.

Nayaswami Gopal