The universe had a beginning likewise it will have an end. At the end everything will become one with God; Scriptures say, after this, creation will start again; This process of creation & destruction is endless. Why God has no other work other than this? Then, what is the point in doing tapas & becoming one with God?Then, how can we say that our great masters have attained immortality, if they were to be born again even after becoming one with God? Please bear with me if my query is too foolish

—A, India


Dear A,

Your question isn’t foolish. You speak of the Yuga cycles of time. In Swami Kriyananda’s engrossing book, Religion in the New Age, he explains clearly the Yuga cycles as brought to us by Sri Yukteswar, an avatar of our spiritual path. Our masters have obtained oneness with God and therefore do not have to be born anew again, having to go through karma and reincarnation. If they are born, it is to help those of us who are seeking our oneness with God.

Why continue to seek God? We want to find true joy and happiness. Does this world of duality do this for you? Certainly not for me; but being in God there are no cross-currents of ego and maya to interrupt the pure joy of God. Why not find Him? Who are we in our ignorance to understand the Divine Play?

Bless you, dear sir. Continue on this path of Self-realization with determination and love, and see where you end up.