Energization Exercises: not too slow, not too fast!


Can we modify Energization Exercise in terms of time spent & repetitions of each exercise? 12 minutes as taken normally to complete, seems too fast for me and I am not able to concentrate on energy flowing to that part. So, what I'm doing is — 1-2 round of each exercise, with tensing a part on say count of 1-7 watching the tension for few seconds and energy flowing thru spiritual eye and then releasing slowly. I take more than 20 mins to complete all of them. Is that Okay? Any suggestions?

—KJ, India


You don’t mention how long you’ve been practicing the Energization Exercises. What you describe is fine if you are still in the learning stage. It’s important as you learn the exercises to really feel the energy and not just go thorough the body movements.

But there is also the challenge of doing them too slowly since that will put the focus more on the body parts rather than the flow of energy. So there’s a balance to be achieved that will give you the most effective experience.

As you get more familiar with the exercises, try tensing to a count of 1 – 3 (low, medium, high), then vibrate for a count of 1 – 2, then relax for a count of 1 – 3 (high, medium, low). As you do the exercises, first concentrate on the center of the body part(s) that you are tensing and relaxing. Then, as you are able to go deeper, your concentration should be more on the flow of the energy.