Energy & Confidence!


Hi, i am 29 years with no job and no work experience. I finished frm university in 2011 with a degree in computer science but i dont think i can defend my result. I am always scared of trying things out. I am married with a kid. Please help me out.

—Ayo, Nigeria


Dear Ayo,

My heart goes out to you. But you are young and still have opportunities to come to you. Never give up hope. Here are some thoughts to consider:

1. You DID complete your university degree. THAT alone takes effort, concentration and intelligence. Take heart then for you know you can learn, grow, and contribute to whatever you put your mind to do.

2. Think more in terms of giving to others; of serving God in others. Don’t think so much about a job. Look around you: your home, your town or village; your neighbors; even your country. Ask God: “How can I help others?” Look for what needs to be done and do it, or help others. At first you may simply be a volunteer: doesn’t matter. ENERGY is the KEY to developing the MAGNETISM to attract to you what is good and right for you and your family! Help; Serve; Give. The secret is not to think WHAT DO I NEED but HOW CAN I HELP!!!!!! Start small; maybe at home; then, your neighbor; then, your village, or street…………..[If you do truly have a skill or interest in computers, then certainly look for ways to help others in computers. But that could, at first be simply too narrow. It’s not so important at first.] GIVE; PUT OUT ENERGY; BE JOYFUL; ASK ALWAYS, “HOW CAN I HELP” …… “Sir, or Madam: how may I help you?” Understand that we do not serve people only: we serve God who IS the Self of all others. ok?

3. You are NOT the Doer; God is the DOER in all things. You might think that a job or task is beyond your skills but God can do it. Ask God to DO IT THROUGH YOU! Even as you are looking for work; applying for jobs; going to job interviews: BE ENTHUSIASTIC; OPTIMISTIC; You may think you don’t have a chance but GIVE GOD A CHANCE!!!!

4. Meditate and pray everyday NOT for work or money…..but to learn to love and serve God ever more deeply; to see God in your wife and child; neighbors; in everyone. At the end of meditation pray: “How can I serve You this day?”

Paramhansa Yogananda once declared (during the era of the Depression in USA during the 1930’s): “If I needed a job I would turn the world upside down until I got one!”

“The greater the will, the greater the flow of energy!” “The greater the flow of energy, the greater the magnetism” to attract what you need.

Energy & Joy go HAND IN HAND!

Jai Guru!
Nayaswami Hriman