Energy From My Stomach to the Head


While practicing meditation, something is coming upward strongly from my bottom of stomach to head area. I want to know about that. Please reply.

—Rahul, india


Dear Rahul,
What you are experiencing is a natural effect of correct and deep meditation: rising energy in the spine. However, it is not happening “from my bottom of the stomach,” but in your spine.

It is a very desirable effect. Inwardly, that flow takes our soul to Spirit, if it is channeled with concentration. Outwardly, in our life, such an upward flow fills our days with joy. Rising energy results in joy, while a downward flow is usually experienced as heaviness.

A few suggestions:
– After your techniques, place your whole mind on that flow and consciously experience its wonderful feeling. It is the inner Ganges.
– Try to channel that energy not only to the “head area”, but specifically to the spiritual eye: this is where Krishna (or Shiva, or Christ) resides.
– Try to bring devotion into that rising feeling: as if you were flowing upward with it, with love for God.
– Keep your body still, as it tends to move a little with that flow. Also don’t let your head be pulled backwards.
– Try to also feel the lower part of the spine. The energy starts there.
– If the energy should get stronger in time, make sure you exercise well, for balance. Yogananda writes in his original Precepta Lessons that his energisation exercises and Hatha Yoga both prepare the body to withstand the flow of cosmic energy inside.

You may enjoy the book Awaken Into Superconsciousness, in which Swami Kriyananda explains a lot of useful points for our inner upward journey. It also includes a technique called Navi Kriya which will stimulate and channel the energy you are describing (from the third chakra to the spiritual eye) in a conscious way.

Concerning your rising of energy in the spine, you may also find inspiration from this quote by Yogananda, which you may use as an inner guideline: “To be ecstatic is not difficult. It is thinking that it is difficult that holds you apart from it. Never think of divine joy as distant from you, and it will be with you always.” (from The Essence of Self-Realization)

God bless your inner journey, Jayadev