Euthanasia: What Is the Right Thing to Do, Spiritually?


Someone asked about the consequences of suicide. What about ending one's life after long suffering with illness? Not considering that action.just asking...thanks.

—Jim, usa


Dear Jim,

That is a difficult question, but I guess it boils down to something simple: in our lives, there’s the ideal and best action we can choose in any situation. And then there’s doing the best we can, which is not always the ideal thing.

For the very strong soul, it would be ideal to feel that everything that is given to us comes from God, and therefore we will accept it on a very deep level of our being. Even receive it gratefully. Such a soul, no matter what was sent to them would trust that God knew what was best for them.

Is this easy? Definitely not. This is a challenging enough assignment for someone who has a strong spiritual faith, and has techniques of meditation and yoga to help them relax into the moment. What about the person who has no such support and faces tremendous physical pain?

Yes, it would be ideal to let God lead the process, but sometimes that is too huge of a challenge for a person. If they have no faith or connection with God, they really don’t even understand what they are doing when they take their own life. And one could also say that, in a way, they are being driven mad by the pain, so they are not in their right mind.

As Yogananda said, “God is no tyrant.” The one who sends these challenges to us is always our dearest, most supportive friend. So whether we don’t choose the highest path or not, God is always there for us, working with us carefully until we achieve freedom.

Remember, He sees us as souls, made of bliss, never separate from Himself. Everything He sends us has our ultimate freedom as His purpose.

In divine friendship,