Is Everyone Needed in This World?


Dear One,

Is it possible to know/find out, in any which way, how one gets to know whether one is really needed in this world? I would like to know the answers from various levels of spiritual understanding at different times.

I know through the Masters, but should receive more clarity and confirmation from here.

Thanks and joy in Masters and Swami :)


—Sakshi , India


Dear Sakshi, There is no question at all that every soul is really needed in this world for many specific purposes. Every soul is beloved by God and holds a special place in the tapestry of life.

As the Great Ones have put it: “…everyone has a unique ‘song’ to sing and no one else can sing it in the same way.” One of the most important parts of anyone’s spiritual journey is to recognize that we must serve in order to grow spiritually and to release the bondage of our egos; and that service is joy!

We must strive to serve the world around us in whatever ways we can (large or small), and God and Gurus will guide us to just the right place for us to serve in the best way, if we ask to be guided.

Often our concept of service must be greatly expanded. Offering a smile or a prayer or a simple word of encouragement — these are very important services! Serving your family is another way. Feel that every action is God flowing through you — God is the doer.

Every morning, send out a prayer saying: “Use me as your channel of light and joy for everyone I meet today.” It’s a wonderful way to live your life!