Expansion of Consciousness in Meditation


When I meditate, mainly using a mantra/breathing method, after around 20 minutes, I have a feeling that my body is much larger than it is physically and I am but a small object moving within it. Is this normal? Or just a way I experience my conciousness? Also, are there any ways I can emerge from this state, feeling as though I am back to normal "size"?

—jonathan, uk


Dear Friend, The experience you describe is known to happen in meditation.

Rather than fight or regret it, I suggest accept it and hold your cocentration at the point between the eyebrows, offering all that you feel and are upward in inner communion seeking Oneness with God (in whatever form you hold dear or sacred). These experiences come and go and have no ultimate significance though some insight may be revealed for your upliftment. Do not dwell on them however. Blessings, Hriman