I had a surge of energy pushed right from bottom upwards to the back of the head meditating. It was like a freezing experience but you could feel the flow of current in the spine. Also the eyes were tearful, and I had goosebumps all over. It was a very blissful but strange sensation that lasted for less than a minute. I believe and haven't experienced anything like that. Is this normal? Should I be careful about anything or practice some exercise?

—Jacob, United kingdom


Dear Jacob,

Experiences of subtle energy in and around the spine can be expected, or, are at least not unusual during meditation. Generally such experiences do not have a specific meaning or message. Rather, however, it is helpful to be able to become more sensitively aware to subtler energies because as our meditations deepen and outer world begins to vanish, our guide increasingly becomes the “subtle astral perceptions” referred to by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. Such things can be a focal point of meditation, both deepening our meditative concentration and refining our awareness ever more subtly.

Be careful not to seek such experiences during meditation for themselves, or, becoming somehow “humbly” proud of these. The astral body and realm coexists always. Astral perceptions are not, by themselves, a mark of spiritual progress but they are like signposts, or highway signs encouraging us to go ever more inward.

If ever in doubt, call upon God and guru to guide you to the highest in all things, including in your experience of meditation. And, indeed, meditation should always be preceded by an invocation to God and guru with the intention to seek transcendence from the phenomenal flux of maya, entering into the Kingdom of Bliss — which IS God.

One warning that comes with the energy in the spine is to pull back should you ever feel “searing heat” in the spine. But that is extremely rare with meditators who practice correctly and in a balanced way. There should be no reason from your remarks for concern.

Have faith in God and be reassured!

Nayaswami Hriman

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