Experiences in meditation


Hello, thank you for taking the time to read my question. During meditation, both hong sau and kriya practice, my head, which is normally in the level position is being drawn up with my breath. It is more so when I practice kriya. Often at the top of my breath if feels as though my head is pointing upward and neck is stretched out a little. Should I resist this drawing up of my head of just let it do what it will?

—tony dechico, usa


Dear Tony,

What you are experiencing in meditation is quite common. It simply means the energy in your spine and chakras is being released to move upward to the 6th chakra.

This often creates a feeling of the head being drawn upward or backward, either with the breath’s movements or not.

This is a good thing, so it’s probably best not to resist it too much, unless it is really distracting you in some way. Be grateful that it’s happening!

But also remember that our bodies react strongly to movements of energy in the spine. Eventually, you’ll be able to (and should) begin experiencing these movements more internally. At that point, there won’t be any outward movements of the physical body to reflect what is going on internally.

So little by litte, internalize these feelings as much as possible, always praying to God and Gurus for help and guidance, in all your meditation practices.