Experiencing Physical Sensations During Meditation


I have started meditating since past few months. Since last few days, when I start to focus on the place of spiritual eye, I get a tingling sensation there... Is it normal? Sometimes, in the meditation, I get a completely different sensation / excitation through out my body - Kind of hair raising experience... I wonder if indicates something...

—VS, India


Dear VS

Thank you for your question. Many people, when they first start to meditate, have experiences such as you indicate.

Many things could cause these experiences – the body may not be used to sitting unmoving in one position for even a short period of time. There also could be past-life conditions that attribute to these sensations.

In any case, do continue to meditate – don’t let these experiences pull you away.

To help calm the body you might find it helpful to do some yoga postures beforehand. The Ananda system helps to calm the body and focus the mind.

With continued effort, these experiences will cease.

Also when starting to meditate do some chanting. Yogananda said, “Chanting is half the battle!”

Chanting, repeating uplifting phrases, will help to calm the mind and bring devotion into your meditation.

If you are thinking of God, it will be hard to notice anything else.

Bless you,