Facing Many Illnesses and Accidents


Dear Ananda, For the past 8 months continuously we are facing some illnesses and small accidents for each members in my family (my in-laws, husband, brothers of my husband, and recently I too met small accident). By God’s grace all are small, but my question is: is it my own assumption or otherwise due to some negative energies, if so how to find it first and then how to get rid of it? Kindly guide me. I am waiting for your reply (I am a KRIYA yoga practitioner, having completed level 2).

—Kavitha, India


Dear Kavitha, From time to time, astrologically difficult periods occur, which are experienced by individuals, groups, or possibly the whole world. It seems our planet has been going through just such a time in recent months. These particular challenging times are due to continue until the middle of September (2016), tapering off gradually after that time. (We have been given this information by an Ananda Kriyaban member, who is also a remarkably accurate Vedic astrologer.)

Here are a few suggestions on how to move through this period safely, through manifesting focused spiritual energy in your life:

First, keep God and Guru in mind and heart even more than usual. You describe what has happened to you or your family members “small accidents or illnesses.” To me this would indicate that you already are being held in Master’s protective ray of light. If this were not so, then perhaps these “small” things would have been much larger and more difficult to deal with. Be grateful for the grace that’s already happening!

Nevertheless, all of us should be careful and aware during this time of world tension. Keep your daily meditation practices very strong and do Yogananda’s healing prayer techniques often (see https://www.ananda.org/prayers/healing-techniques/) to help counteract the conflict in the air.

Another protective technique suggested by our Guru is this one: Place your hands in front of you with your palms together. Then encircle them around behind you, touching the palms together in back of you, and then bring the back to the first position. Repeat these movements several times, while saying, “AUM, Tat, Sat! AUM, Tat, Sat! AUM, Tat, Sat!”

Re-read the chapter from Autobiography of a Yogi called “Outwitting the Stars.” In it Yogananda carefully explains what to do when the “…stars take an unfavorable interest in us.”

Finally, at Ananda Sangha Worldwide, we have dedicated this time to saying many repetitions of Yogananda’s “Peace and Harmony Prayer,” for the whole world and for ourselves. Here are instructions on how to do this:

At the close of every meditation, say these words:

Part I. “Lord, fill this world with peace and harmony, peace and harmony!” Repeat ten times.

Part II. Then repeat three times: “Lord, fill me with peace and harmony, peace and harmony!”

Close by rubbing your hands together briskly, then raising them to face outward, chant AUM, AUM, AUM, to send light out into the world.