Faith in Tests and Trials


Im into spiritual practices for couple of years, however rather then becoming confident in life i have become more fragile being in the situations im going through. Don’t know if i have grown spiritually or what’s the plan for me. Lately i tried to put more hours in my practice to deepen my level but rather im going through a barren spell.

—Anurag Saha, India


Dear Friend,

As one grows in spiritual awareness we are tested. Only by testing can we see how we are growing in calmness, confidence and intuition. If you study the lives of great saints you will see the extent to which one is tested. What is being tested? Your faith in God and guru, and your faith in the innate goodness of Divine guidance. Tests are ‘tests’ because they are difficult. We can be tempted to give up our faith when tested.

So, see Divine Mother as helping you to remain strong in your spiritual practices and your faith in her guidance. Guidance here includes the tests that come to you. Those tests are primarily your own karma, of course, for all people, even those without faith, are tested by the ups and downs of life. But nonetheless, if you can accept life’s challenges as a gift of Divine Mother showing you how to remain centered in Her love, finding joy at the heart of all things, pleasant and unpleasant, She will be pleased and your soul will become ever more a source of light and calm joy!

Chanting, prayer, service to God through others, and daily meditation: this is the path; the rest is details!

Nayaswami Hriman